How To Use Your Vacuum Attachment Tools

We hope you're having a great week and enjoying the slight relief from the heat. Today we’ve got a quick tutorial on how to use those interesting looking vacuum attachment tools. There may be times when you have last minute guests or someone drags mud into the house. A Dyson or other high-powered vacuum is a great household appliance to use when Rubio’s isn’t around. Here are some tips on how to make the most of it with the attachment tools.


This tool is a staple with most vacuums. It’s long and thin, which is perfect for hard to reach areas, tight gaps and awkward spaces. We use this tool to clean out dryer vents and in between sofa cushions.


A very common vacuum attachment and it works wonders. The rigid bristles can loosen up dirt or other debris that gets stuck on carpet or other surfaces. We love this for dry food or mud on carpet. Be careful with this tool on sensitive surfaces as the brush can be abrasive. Use the soft dusting brush instead for anything more delicate.  


As mentioned above, we like this tool for dusting delicate surfaces. The tiny bristles are soft and fine so you can increase the amount of dust you pick up. There is also a felt bumper which protects from scratching. We use this for lamp shades, picture frames, and window sills.

Note: For mini blinds, you can either use the stiff bristle brush or the soft dusting brush!


If you have a choice of tools for your Dyson, we highly recommend this flat out tool. It has a lower profile and keeps it’s suction strength even when you lay the handle flat to the ground. We use it under furniture on carpet and under cabinets and appliances on hardwood floors.

Even if you are in between regular cleanings, we are always here for you. If you need us to come at the last minute, give us a call and check our availability. Often times we can make it work.

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