Cleaning With Kids

kid cleaning

One of the keys to cleaning with children is choosing the right materials to work with, the other is teaching them the right way to do the job. Easier said than done, we’re aware, but we have some tried and true tips from our staff (who are also parents) that work. 

  1. Use kid-friendly cleaning materials. There are a lot of cleaning materials that are actually fun to use. Especially if you make it fun. Fairy dust spray anyone? But really, using things like Lemons to clean grout is a great example of how you can give a sensory experience to a child while teaching them some foundational life skills. 

  2. Let them do it. Yes you might waste a little, but really what’s waste when you’re teaching valuable skills? So let them sprinkle the baking soda in the toilet or on the carpet before you vacuum or allow them to use a spray bottle and spray vinegar on to the tub and scrub it with their favorite washrag. You can make this fun by encouraging them to pretend the solution is something creative--Unicorn food perhaps? **bonus points if you make washrags from recycled materials at home. Perhaps an old unrepairable t-shirt?

  3. Make household cleaners together. We like to create a science like environment so that kids feel like they’re real scientists. Encourage them to mix vinegar and water and stir it together. We like to put the vinegar in multiple different sized and colored containers so they feel like their mixing more. You can use that same solution and set a little aside and add baking soda to it (this can be used as a toilet cleaner). 

  4. Get creative with the tools. We typically clean with the same tools, brushes, and rags every time. Although they make be effective they may not be the most inspiring to spark a child to want to clean. However a tool that catches their attention could be the key to spark the desire to clean. It could be a star shaped sponge, or a brush that they get to add their favorite stickers to, it could simply be their favorite color. You could buy a set, but you could also make one! Use sticks and old socks to create a horse inspired mop, even an old toothbrush has inspired one of our little’s to help clean grout on the shower floor. It’s really about making it safe and engaging. 

Do you have a tip to share with us?

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Celebrating Independence Day


The Independence Day holiday is one of our favorite holidays, not only is it the unstated celebration of summer, but the fourth of July is chocked full of history and festivity. Equally the holiday calls for responsible behaviors, firework and water safety and of course great cocktails. 

Before you embark upon your plans for the holiday be sure you understand the rules for using 🎆 fireworks. If you are using fireworks, be sure you have a fire extinguisher near at all times. 

We recommend visiting the National Fire Protection Association for safety tips and here’s a great reference guide. 

If you plan to be near or in the water, be sure you’re aware of the water rules and where water floatation devices are found. A lot of events have special rules for the holidays, so be sure to check with wherever you’re visiting to understand their Independence day rules.

Once you feel safe and are 100% aware of the rules and precautions you can take to keep you and your love ones safe we recommend you make this drink promptly :)


🍋Lemosas Recipe🍋:

Grab your favorite type of Champagne and make sure its properly iced.🍾

Swap orange juice for lemonade and add a dash of raspberries or strawberries (your choice!) and top with fresh blueberries and a lemon wedge.


Simple Daily Cleaning Routine


The key to a clean house is constantly tidying it. (Probably not what you wanted to hear). But it doesn’t have to be daunting. If you marry these steps into your everyday routine you’ll be more likely to keep your house tidy without feeling like you are constantly cleaning it.

1) Put all of your breakfast dishes in the dishwasher or wash them. If the dishwasher or sink is full empty it. It takes 10 minutes but sets the tone on how you use your kitchen the rest of the day. And it will help motivate you to cook later in the evening if you don’t have a sink full of dishes and this step helps to prevent food from caking on your dishes. You’ll be amazed how you feel when you don’t walk past a sink full of dishes too! After dinner we recommend setting a timer (this conserves energy usage) and ensures that you have clean dishes to wake up to.

2) Make a place for your mail and papers and keep them there. Check it daily and weed it daily. Don’t keep paper that you don’t need. This will help you keep your desk areas tidy and probably help you stay ahead on your responsibilities too.

3) Take off your shoes every time you enter your house. Not only does this keep your entire house more sanitary it will help your floors stay cleaner. And the perk — less sweeping!

4) Wipe the bathroom. It’s easy to ignore the bathroom, but an important place to keep a daily tab. We recommend keeping Lysol wipes under your sink and using those daily to wipe your sink, toilet, and counter areas as often as you think about it.

5) User the timer setting for your laundry. End your evening by starting a load of laundry and setting the timer on your washer to start 8-10 hours later so that when you wake up in the morning all you need to do is simply move the laundry from the washer to the dryer and you’re keeping clothes from piling up and the task of laundry being an all day chore. When you get home that day simply fold the clothes or put them in your children’s rooms so they can take on the responsibility of putting them away — the bonus here is then they will know where their socks go!

Using Everyday Materials To Clean Your Everyday Household Items


Let’s face it, sometimes we run out of our favorite cleaning solution, or we try a new one that we don’t care for, or perhaps it simply doesn’t work! There might be something in your cabinet that you could use as an alternative cleaner.

We use a handful of products that you might not think to turn to when cleaning.

Pumice Stone

People typically don’t think of the Pumice Stone as a cleaning tool, but these porous stones are great for cleaning caked on materials and removing hard mineral deposits and even rust—from Polypropylene, to porcelain these stones can be great for cleaning. But be careful, don’t use them on plastic or metal surfaces because they can scratch them. And be sure to wet the stone before using.

Baking Soda

This special and inexpensive powder is great for cleaning stains and keeping your home fresh. Especially if you have pets! It’s a super gentle (and rather effective) cleaning ingredient. You can sprinkle it on your carpets before vacuuming for a natural deodorizing effect. Baking soda is known for removing grease very well, so you can clean household appliances like your oven top, microwave and other greasy surfaces. It’s super safe to use around children so it’s a great cleaning alternative to introducing little ones to cleaning.


This fancy fruit is a great addition to homemade cleaner, but also works as a cleaning tool itself. Yep you can clean brass, copper, and chrome with a lemon and salt. Be sure the item is REAL and not plated or coated.  Simply slice a lemon add salt and scrub! Lemons and lemon juice are also great for cleaning stubborn grout and even BBQ grates. You can remove hard water stains on glass with a lemon slice (no salt needed for this one!).