May is National Pet Month!

At Rubio's Cleaning, we love pets and we know our clients love their animals, too. Having pets adds so much to our lives, including more chores!

Furry critters shed hair that accumulates on sofas and carpets. That can hinder the air ventilation effect your carpets naturally provide . For your health and theirs, let Rubio's help you maintain a clean home environment even with the most challenging of pet hair problems.

A Deep Cleaning and a change to your HVAC filter (which we highly recommend) will not only make a huge difference in the air quality, but also make it easier to maintain your home-cleaning routine. 

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Be sure to let us know if you have pets when you schedule an appointment. We vacuum all sofas for pet hair and if you leave us a note, we will clean your dog’s bowls and leave fresh water. We'd love to get to know your fur balls, too...leave us treats so that we can befriend them!!  

If you know friends, family, or neighbors that might need help with pet hair...

We always appreciate referrals!

Refer friends and family and you'll receive $15 off a future service. Your referral will receive $10 off a future service, too. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN! 

Call Rubio's Cleaning at 530.415.2505 to schedule an appointment. 

It's Not Clean 'Til It's Rubio's Clean!