Prepare For Last Minute Guests In 5 Easy Steps

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The Holidays are a time best spent with family and friends. This means receiving guests in your home and often with very little notice. Don't let the perceived stress of preparing for visitors get in the way of sharing quality time with special people! Follow these 5 Easy Steps to prepare for unexpected guests in your home and enjoy your Christmas company. 

5 Easy Steps To Prepare For Unexpected Guests

1. Guest Bathroom - Clean the toilet and wipe down the counter and sink in the bathroom your guests will be using. It's also a good idea to create space on the counter or in a drawer of the vanity. Your visitors will likely have a travel toiletry kit and they'll need space to store their items. 

2. Kitchen - The kitchen is always a place where people gather, especially during the holidays. Be confident and calm by simply making sure the counters and sink are clean in your kitchen. 

3. Guest Bedroom - This is where your guests will get their rest and privacy. Make sure the bed has clean sheets and bedside tables are dusted. Then leave a set of clean sheets on the edge of the bed for a welcome touch. 

4. Common Area Floors - Many modern homes have an open concept layout, which means the floors are a focal point. Spend a few minutes sweeping, vacuuming, mopping the common area floors are your whole house will look like it's been cleaned top to bottom. 

5. Create A Nice Vibe - Just before your family and friends arrive, light a candle and put on some light music in the background. This is not only a nice touch for your company, but it will help YOU relax before their arrival as well! 

We hope these 5 easy steps help embrace holiday togetherness in a stress-free way. 

From Our Family To Yours, Happy Holidays!

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